Aluminium Cast Plate

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Aluminium Cast Plate
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Aluminium Cast Plate
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Aludur | Aluminum Plate

5083 alloyed aluminum casting plates are produced by alloy control in accordance with DIN EN 573-3 norm and by ensuring perfect flatness.

With a special heat treatment, the structure of the material is made completely homogeneous and the internal stress of the material is removed. It provides a wide usage area with its high mechanical and physical properties. We provide services by cutting the 5083 alloy aluminum casting plate, which we produce under our Aludur brand, to the sectors mentioned below in desired sizes. Dimensions max. 600 mm thickness, max. 2020 mm width and max. We can produce plates up to 4020 mm length. With our aluminum plate cutting machines, we can cut any desired size material with tolerances of +/- 0.2mm.

Since the cutting stages of our stock products have already been completed, aluminum plate prices are sold at a more reasonable price compared to special cutting processes.

Detailed Information:

Usage areas:

- Aircraft Industry Processing Plate

- Automotive Processing Plate and Mold Plate

- CNC Royter Plates

- Fixture Plates

- Electrical and Electronic Equipment

- Food Machine Manufacturing

- Heating and Cooling Panels

- Medical Material Molds

- Packaging Machines and Molds

- Plastic Parts Production

- Printing Machines

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